Thanks to, I just read an article that I commend to every member of every congregation.  Tim Challies does the leg work daily to discover interesting and important blogs and articles on the web, and this one comes from Stephen Atrogge, titled “The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Pastor.”  You can read the whole article here.

I’ll summarize it for you.  What’s the best thing you can do for your pastor?  PRAY for him!  He suggests these ways to pray in particular:

So how can you pray for your pastor? Here are a few practical ways:

  • “Pray that they will have spiritual and emotional endurance. Being a pastor is a wonderful job, but it can also be a very draining job. I need endurance to continue working with joy.
  • Pray that they will have rich fellowship with the Lord. The pastor’s power comes from the Lord. I need God to meet me and refresh week after week.
  • Pray that your pastor will be protected from temptation. If Satan can take down a shepherd, the sheep are much more vulnerable. I need the Lord to protect me from the temptations of pride, greed, lust, impatience, and a host of other sins.
  • Pray that your pastor will preach with power. Apart from the power of the Holy Spirit, a sermon will be nothing more than an eloquent boatload of crap. I need the Holy Spirit to put power behind my words.

There are many more ways to pray for your pastor, but this should get you started.

So please, I’m begging you, pray. Your pastor depends on it.”

Giving credit where it is due, this list is copied from Stephen Altrogge’s blog, “The Blazing Center,” dated Feb 28, 2012.