By now the whole world knows of the landmark decision handed down on Friday by the Iowa Supreme Court, throwing out the 1998 state law that defines marriage as between one man and one woman.  I have already begun exhorting my congregation to make their voices heard in the halls of state government.  The battle for an amendment to the Constitution will be long and hard, but we must fight it.

As I write this, I am listening to Dr. Al Mohler talking about the trend in America toward a post-Christian society.  This reality is playing out right before our eyes.  I am still very much in shock over this whole thing.  Friday’s ruling makes its argument by equating same-sex marriage with civil rights.  I suppose we should not be surprized by this downward trend, but that doesn’t mean we should not also be enraged and deeply grieved by it.

I have contacted my state legislators and reminded them that they should serve the will of the people and not cave in to the pressures of politics.  The liberal speaker of the house has already said there will be no action towards amending the Constitution in the current legislative session.  I call upon the voters of Iowa to take note of the progression of this matter as your representatives in Des Moines deal with (or refuse to deal with) this issue.  We cannot do much to put the justices of the Supreme Court out, but we can, and we must hold those whom we have elected to account when the next election day arrives.

In regard to the justices, I hope their mothers are proud of them.  I, along with most of the rest of Iowa, am not.