On Sunday evening, May 25, 2008, a tornado ripped a 43-mile-long path through our area.  The town of Parkersburg, about 25 miles west of us, was practically flattened.  Seven people lost their lives in the storm, and our prayers are with the family members and survivors. 

Dunkerton was spared a direct hit, but those in the path of the storm as it went about a mile north of town were hit hard.  It has been a real challenge to discover how the emergency response people here in our county operate.  I went out Monday morning and bought a chain saw so I could help cut up some of the thousands of trees downed by the cyclone.  Power has finally been restored to most of the area, and the focus of the work now shifts from emergency recovery to clean-up and restoration.  Pray for our community as we work through the process of trying to meet needs, encourage, and share Christ’s love to the many hurting people around us.