All right, I have to take just minute to vent here.  I am getting so tired of receiving all those insane “chain” e-mails that people keep forwarding to me.  The spam is bad enough, but to have family and friends take up space in my inbox with such hysterical falsities is just unnecessary.  People, please take a minute to log on to one of the many websites which keep up with this stuff (try;; or– and see if it’s true before you mindlessly send it on!  Just today, I got two (from the same person, whom I love, so I put up with it), one about calling Carribean area codes and being charged outrageous fees (you have to dial an international code before the other area code, of course it will cost more!), the other is some business about Pepsi leaving the words “Under God” out of the Pledge of Allegiance on their cans.  It took me just few minutes to look these things up and find out both are hysterical hoaxes.  It’s just plain irresponsible to simply forward stuff without checking it out. 

I must confess my own sin for just a minute.  Recently, I got a forward from a friend who NEVER sends out such stuff, and I figured it must be okay, so I sent it to five people because the text says that an amazing picture will appear if you do so.  It was a BIG FAT LIE!!!  Sorry to those of you who got that junk.  I’ll not do it again.  I repent, please forgive me. 

Whew!  Now that’s off my chest, and I can go about my day.  God Bless You [both of you].