A view of the water at the back door of the church building, 6 PM Friday.


Well, I have officially survived my first experience of a genuine flood event.  After enjoying a day of running errands and celebrating our 27th anniversary, Kay and I returned to Dunkerton on Friday evening about 5 PM.  The basement of our home was very wet, a  condition we had never seen since moving to Dunkerton.  We had heard that the creek was rising, and might actually flood the city streets, but no one seemed terribly concerned.  At 5 PM the creek was high and still in its banks, but it was rising.  By about 6 PM, the water was up into the Main Street of the town (just one block away from us), and still rising.  We began to be concerned, and within about half an hour, the water was coming up our street at an alarming rate.  I had been told that the power company was turning off the electricity on Main Street and at the lower end of Sycamore in order to avoid electrocuting anyone who was in the flooding basements.  I knew that as long as the power stayed on and the water didn’t actually get up around the house itself, our sump pump would do its job, but the thought that the power might be cut made me panic.  Thankfully, some folks from the church were present, and while several of them cleared out the basement of the church building, which DID become surrounded by water, others helped me remove the washer, dryer, and refrigerator from our basement.  It was a very tense time for us. 

Thankfully, the water got no closer than about ten feet from the house and the power stayed on, but the water in the street was a strange sight to see.  We still have lots of water running through the basement, and probably will for a few more days.  Ironically, the basement in the church house is practically dry now. 

We got some free publicity from the experience.  The local TV station sent out a crew on Friday, and they interviewed some of our people, myself included.  Then on Sunday, they returned and did a report on the church itself.  I was very happy to give God the glory for preserving us through the disaster, and allowing us to tell about it. 

I am still trying to process the whole thing, but I do have some preliminary thoughts about it:

  • God is in control; I am not.
  • I thank God for so many caring people in the church and the community.
  • Life consists of so much more than that which makes us comfortable. 
  • Difficult times can bring out the best in people.
  • Never, never, NEVER but cardboard boxes directly on the floor of the basement!