As I browsed the New York Times website this morning, I ran across a fascinating article that represents the direction our nation is taking toward a godless society.  Stephanie Coontz of Olympia, Washington gets right to the point:

WHY do people — gay or straight — need the state’s permission to marry? For most of Western history, they didn’t, because marriage was a private contract between two families. The parents’ agreement to the match, not the approval of church or state, was what confirmed its validity. 

You can read the entire article here.

This attitude about marriage is the logical end of postmodern thinking about marriage.  If marriage is nothing more than an agreement between two (or more) consenting individuals then it naturally follows that no one should need the state’s, or even the church’s permission to marry.  But Bible-believing Christians know that there is much more to marriage than a simple agreement or parent-arranged match.  The Bible clearly indicates that marriage is the first institution ordained by God toward humanity.  Being first is significant, but there is more, because marriage came to us even before the fall into sin.  God Himself is the author and instigator of marriage, not human beings.   I think most of us agree that one reason our society is in such trouble is that marriage is so misunderstood. 

As the days of the new year come upon us, let’s remember that marriage is under attack all around us.  We in Iowa have to be ready to stand and defend traditional marriage in our own state legislature.  I encourage you once again — call, write, e-mail, or visit your state representative and senator and insist that they support an amendment to the state constitution that defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman.  God help us if we remain silent.