Wow!  He posted two articles on the same day!!  I just couldn’t help myself on this one. 

First, read this short aricle by clicking on this link 

 When I read this installment on Dr. Mohler’s blog, it struck me that here is one reason for the decline of Christianity in North America.  Those liberal churches mentioned in the article are not among Southern Baptists, but I believe the root problems of the symptoms are the same.  Let me explain.

Dr. Mohler observes,
“Deacon Thomas Lindell’s comments add the icing to Rev. Anderson-Smith’s cake.  He boasts of having removed all the “power imagery” from the church’s worship services.  That, we might imagine, is rather hard to do.  If God is not all-powerful, why worship?  Without an acknowledgment of God’s power, we are left with little to say. [italics added] A God who is not powerful cannot help, much less save.  What can you then sing?  “O God our [well-intended but less-than-sovereign Spirit of helpfulness] in ages past?””

To me, it seems that for most of the rank and file members of our churches, God is not truly seen as the Sovereign Lord the Bible proclaims Him to be.  If we could honestly gain a more full comprehension of God’s glory and majesty then our everyday lives would be more subject to His Lordship over us.  Instead, the pressures of work, school, marriage and family lead us to make ourselves sovereign.  We have the deplorable tendency to be functional atheists when we lose sight of the glory of God and His rule over all creation — even us. 

I once attended a seminar on personal evangelism where the leader said that he was convinced that the reason most “average” Christians don’t share their faith with others is that they just don’t love Jesus enough.  I think he’s on to something.  If we truly “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind . . . and love your neighbor as yourself,” then it seems we would see the people around us more the way God sees them and be more motivated to see them reconciled to a loving, Sovereign God.

As I’ve shared from the pulpit recently, I believe we truly need to experience a God-sent, Spirit-filled, broken-hearted revival.  It certainly needs to begin in me.  Please earnestly pray to God about this matter.  I truly do not want it to be said of our worship that “There’s not much Lord in this Church Service.”